Japanese female with Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Information Science from American four-year college seeks position in information systems. Experienced bilingual clerk, have a year of web design, 3-4 months of programing/mobile phone support experience, seven years of personal Linux use, broad knowledge of applications.
I reside inside of Tokyo 23 wards.
2012-12-11 Completed three months of vocational training. (“IT instruction”)


- 4 years+ experience in help desk end-user support for software and mobile applications.

- 7 years experience as a bi-lingual clerk.

- 3 months experience in programming. (scripting only.)

- 1 year experience in web designing.

- Bi-lingual/bi-cultural.

- 7-year (personal) Linux user.


All the documents have no delicate personal information such as address, phone number, etc.

Office version 2007 (ie: *.docx, *.xlsx)

English Personal History (psn_hist.DOCX) (psn_hist.PDF)
Work Summary (summary.DOCX) (summary.PDF)
Japanese Personal History (rireki_jis_1-page.DOCX) (rireki_jis_1-page.PDF)
Work History (work-hst.XLSX)
( Thanks Letter re:above document (thanxltr.DOCX) )
( (thanxltr.PDF) )

If you need to contact me, please email with the information of your organization/business at:


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My old "WORK" page. (partial)

Contents of this page:

(A Computer Lab of a Bilingual Clerk)

[PHP Practice]
I bought a PHP book recently, and this is my first work in this language.
Please send me your message!
Contact Form

[Perl Practice]
An original script I made while I was taking a 4-month Perl and server management course at a computer school where I was offered a teaching position. Source code only.
Perl Source

Web pages with my programming work.
(= URLs where you can still see my work.)(Links are broken.)
[Web Work]
Two search engines I customized and installed. I used a downloaded script.
Perl   Perl
Click on ご注文フォーム button on the left-hand side, and an input form appears. The prices on the form change depend on the country and the speed. The Perl script to submit the data is a downloaded one. I customized and installed the script as well as making the pricing script from scratch.

(* This file is a partial, roughly translated page of the above(JavaScript). I didn't keep "order.js" with me, so this doesn't work any more. Since there were three country choices, I sumed up the three "Prices" as "Total Price.")

[Computer Skills]
Major computer experience.

(English)     (Japanese)

|| Energetic, responsible, flexible, multi-tasked professional ||
||    with strong work ethic and excellent follow-through.    ||


I love Linux

I spent a large part of my computing time by making bash scripts.
The scripts and settings below are a little part of the files I made and stored on an on-line storage.
Although they have no fancy, well-enough error checking funcions, they made my computing life sooo convenient.

kb_key-swap_setg - settings to swap key layouts.
recipe - saves on-line recipe pages not in UTF-8. (Lynx somehow couldn't handle UTF-8, and I was using another scrit for the charactor.)
rss2 - a bash script for "fastladder," a RSS reader Livedoor made. This script accesses the reader's sqlite3 DB, extracts and manipulates part of the data.
utube-dl - to name downloaded YouTube files in Japanese.